MC + Fallon + Roots = Fun

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Summit Sundays

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Monday-Friday on

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Chuck Fader Swurv Radio Flier

Tune in every Mon-Fri 11am-12pm pst for “Crunch Time”….enjoy.


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We are back as we bring you #FamBamTV with new time and date. Join us every tuesday, 7:30 pm pst at to watch our newly DJ show formerly know as FamBam Wednesdays. Thank you for the support.


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Join me today (14th) at M Resort if youre in Las Vegas for DayDream Day club.

Eddie Murphy – Red Light ft. Snoop Lion

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First track again from Mr Murphy after Party all the time, really it’s been that long?

I like this song!!!

Gamestop Expo 2013

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Had the opportunity to play for hundreds of people during the 2013 Gamestop Expo held in Las Vegas. Thanks to my friends from Skullcandy headphones for bringing me along. I saw some of the coolest videos games and game consoles that aren’t out in the market yet like the Playstation 4. Thank you Skullcandy, and gamers around the world.

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